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Inspired Guns Reviews & Testimonials

Inspired Guns reviews

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Letter About Inspired Guns from the Director

When I set out to write Inspired Guns over 10 years ago I wanted to write a movie that was funny, clean and really entertaining. I have been blown away by the response to this movie. People have gone back to the theaters to see it 2 and 3 times. That gives me such a feeling of reward and satisfaction.

After spending thousands of hours on Inspired Guns it has become easy to forget where the funny parts are or think that people aren’t going to enjoy it because I can’t see it with fresh eyes. So it brings be so much joy to sit in a theater full of people who are laughing like crazy.

Some of the Inspired Guns reviews have been luke warm from the “critics” so I worried if the people I made the movie for, the LDS community, would like it. Well this list of testimonials answers that question. People have absolutely loved the movie and I don’t care what the reviews say, the people have spoken. That is all I care about because I didn’t make this film for critics. I made it for FAMILIES.

The greatest part of this experience has been that families have come together to watch Inspired Guns and they laugh together and quote the movie together after. When I have a 12 year old boy tell me that it is his new favorite movie and then have an 80 year old woman tell me the same thing, that is quite a compliment. I never thought I would be able to reach all ages with this movie but it truly has.

Thank you for supporting good, clean, entertainment. I would love to be able to make more films but I need your help in spreading the word and getting people to the theaters and to buy the DVD so we can keep this going!


Adam White
Writer/Director – Inspired Guns